Detangle Bad Hair !


Your big event is coming up, you’ve come to the right place for your dress and we hope you have found the one, the one that will make jaws drop! But what’s next? Shoes, Accessories and Hair!

We’ll start by tackling the big one: Hair. Your choice of hairstyle depends on a few factors, mainly what type of hair you you have and what style of dress did you choose. With so many possible combinations out head is starting to spin just thinking about it! So we’ve picked some of our favorite celeb formal styles for you to emulate. But first, ask yourself the question, Up or Down?

Wearing your hair down
Whether you have long or short hair, wearing it styled down can be a great option for your formal event. the advantage of choosing a down-style is that your hair can be a statement accessory all by itself. That said, it’s a good idea to keep your facial jewelry to a minimum. Choose some killer earrings but skip the necklace and let your hair do the talking. These styles work especially well with strapless gowns and those with asymmetrical shoulder detailing.

Add some braid detailing and a tossled finish for a more relaxed, younger feel.

For shorter hair cuts, wearing your hair down can feel a little ‘not-special’. If you wear that same short style every day you may want to change it up for your big event. There’s a few ways to do this. For bobs, there are two options. For the more refined look, to match more traditional, glamorous dresses, the key is sleek and shine. Get that red carpet glow for your hair with perfect bangs and a blinding shine! if your dress is more modern or has a very trendy feel, don’t be afraid to take on a tossled bob. It’s the ‘I didn’t try very hard’ look that celebs rock all the time and can be the perfect accessory to a statement gown.

Sleek Bob with perfect bangs and shine

A modern look with a tousled bob

Wearing your hair up
Traditionally speaking an ‘up-do’ was the staple from proms, weddings and all other formal events. Not much has changed and a lot of girls still choose this style. What has changed are the options for the up-do! Much like your choices for wearing your hair down, you can go ‘sleek and controlled’ or ‘tossled and natural’. Again, these choices match your choice of gown. Choose an up-do if you gown has detailing around the neckline or a low cut back. these hair styles allow you to accessorize with a necklace suited to the gown and drop earrings to accentuate the style.

Choose a ‘base of the neck’ up style to create an old Hollywood glamor feel, sleek and under control

Go with a very minimal sleek bun if your dress is overstated. keep your make up fresh to match

The most traditional styles of up-do’s work will with statement jewelry

Keep it young and modern by adding braid detailing and a loose tossled bun

Spice up the pony tail for low back dresses and an effortless glamor

Half Up – Half Down!
For those of you who simply cannot decide between up and down styles, there is a happy middle ground! This is also a great look for those who like the statement of wearing your hair down but would rather the style be more manageable and contained for the evening. Choose these styles especially if you have a one shouldered dress! jewelry-wise, you’re pretty much open to choose anything you like, but a statement drop earring will look stunning.

A sleek side ponytail creates a mature and glamorous look

Add some texture to that same side pony tail to soften your face – this works great with lighter colored dresses.

Go ultra-modern with a thick side braid! make a real statement with a high-fashion look.



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