Rohtas Fort | قلعہ روہتاس

Rohtas Fort was a 14th century garrison fort built by King Sher Shah Suri, located just outside the town of Dina in upper Punjab, where the Kahan River meets the season stream of Parnal Khas. Rohtas Fort is an exceptional example of early Muslim military architecture in Central and South Asia and covers an area of 12.63 acres. Sher Shah Suri named Qila Rohtas after the famous Rohtasgarh Fort in Baharkunda, Bihar which he captured from the Raja of Rohtas Hari Krishan Rai in 1539. Sher Shah constructed Rohtas Fort to block Emperor Humayun’s return after defeating him in the Battle of Kanauj. This fort lies on the old Grand Trunk Road (a road between Kabul and the plains of Punjab) and blocked access between Peshawar and Lahore. The main fortifications consist of the massive walls, which extend for more than 4 km and are lined with bastions and pierced by monumental gateways.

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