ROM release – full range of Samsung firmware download




Brush software 
I find firmware basically pda single brush pack is if you download unzip zip format and find out. tar format archive, extract it directly is if tar or md5 format will not have to unpack the
Samsung N9005 Hong Kong official 4.3 firmware 
N900 Asia Pacific Edition SEK (Kazakhstan) latest official Wujiantao 
N9002 latest official firmware N9002ZNUBMJ3 
Samsung N9006 State Bank official 4.3 firmware CHN-N9006ZCUBMI5 
Samsung N9008 official 4.3 firmware: CHM-N9008ZMUBMJ5-20131016142522 
N9009 Galaxy Note 3 China Telecom custom machine official firmware KEUBMI5 
official version 4.3ROM–I9500XXUEMJ5_I9500SEREMJ5_SER 
i9500 Hong Kong Version ZSUBMF6 Wujiantao 
Unicom version of the Samsung GT-I9502-CHU-I9502ZNUAMDG 
Mobile version of the Samsung GT-I9508 official 4.2.2 firmware package BNM rom-CHM-I9508ZMUAMDE 
GT- I9500_CHN_I9500ZCUCMF4 BNM five sets of official wire brush pack 
Telecom version Wujiantao I959KEUAMDJ official original 
Samsung C101 official China Unicom version 4.2.2 firmware rom package: CHU-C101ZNUAMG4 
official Samsung C101 Firmware Version 4.2.2 rom package: TGY-C101ZSUAMFD 
Samsung N7100 | N7100XXUEM16_ official 4.3 firmware password: N29L 
N7100ZCDMG1 latest official push BNM original wire brush pack 
Samsung N7100 genuine Hong Kong version 4.1.2 Official 
Samsung n7102 official 4.1.2 firmware rom package BNM 
Samsung n7102 Unicom customized version 4.1.2 firmware rom package 
Samsung GT-N7108 State Bank official firmware rom package-CHM-N7108ZMDMF1 
9300 State Bank I9300ZCEMD2 (4.1.2) 
Hong Kong version of the Samsung i9300 official 4.1.2 firmware rom package: I9300ZSEMI1 
Samsung GT-I9308 official firmware rom package: I9308ZMBMB1 
Samsung i939 official 4.1.2 firmware rom package: CTC-I939KEEMA4 
BNM I9082ZNAMD1 official firmware Samsung 
Samsung i9082 firmware version official Taiwan rom package: GT-I9082-BRI-I9082ZTAMD1 
official ROM I9082i ZNAMG2 
Switzerland I9082XXUBMHE password r4c8 
official ROM Chile 9082L I9082LUBAMH1 
Samsung GT-I9205 official rom Singapore version XSP-I9205XXUAMH2
Samsung i9200 official firmware Taiwan Version 4.2.2 rom package: BRI-I9200ZTUAMG1 
Samsung i9200 official rom firmware version 4.2.2 BNM package: CHN-I9200ZCUAMEB 
P729 Telecom Edition version of the official ROM P729KEUAMH1 : BRI-I9200ZTUAMF3 extract Password
Samsung I9208 Galaxy Mega 6.3 mobile version of the official ROM I9208ZMUAMG1 extract passwords
N719 official ROM N719KEBMD4 
Samsung I9260 official Taiwan Version 4.1.2 firmware rom package BRI- I9260ZTAMG1 
Star i9268 BNM official 4.1.2 firmware rom package: CHM-I9268ZMBMF1 
Samsung GT-I8190N official Hong Kong Version 4.1.2 firmware rom package-TGY-I8190NZSAME1 
Samsung GT-I8190N official state line version 4.1.2 firmware rom package-CHN- I8190NZCAMD1 
Samsung I8190 Europe official 4.1.2 System XXAMA2 
Italian version of the Samsung i9195 official 4.2.2 firmware rom package: TIM-I9195XXUAMH1 
Samsung i9195 official firmware version 4.2.2 French rom package: XEF-I9195XXUAMG8 
Samsung I9195 official Singapore Version 4.2.2 firmware rom package: XSP-I9195XXUAMFA 
Samsung I9190 official firmware Version 4.2.2 rom package: TGY-I9190ZSUAMG1 
Samsung S4 mini-I9192 official firmware-SKZ-I9192XXUAMH2 
E210L wire brush latest official firmware 
4.1.2 9305 Singapore Chinese New GT-I9305-MM1- I9305XXBMA6 
Samsung I9100 State Bank ZNLP4 4.0.4 (five pieces) 
Samsung I9100 Hong Kong version ZSLPE 4.0.3 (five pieces) 
Samsung I9100 Hong Kong version ZSKI3 2.3.5 (five pieces) 
Samsung i9100 official rom firmware version 4.1.2 Europe package: XEU-I9100XWLSW (one package) 
Samsung i9100 official firmware Version 4.1.2 rom package: TGY-I9100ZSMSA (one package) 
Star i9100 official rom firmware version 4.1.2 BNM package: CHN-I9100ZNLS6 (one package) 
Samsung I9100 official 4.1.2 firmware rom package: CHZ-I9100ZCLSJ (Unicom customized version) (one package) 
Samsung Galaxy note/I9220 / N7000 official original Hong Kong version of the firmware (non-leaked version) Non-I9220 and I9220 licensed Do not brush 
Taiwan’s official ROM, GT-N7000_BRI_1_20120718152926_8zdtdn6ktz 
Hong Kong official ROM GT-N7000_TGY_1_20120718154048_3082uewdmo 
Chinese domestic official ROM, GT-I9220_CHN_1_20120921153600_cmgifkq3p1 state line version of 
the Samsung GT-I9108 State Bank official rom firmware package-CHN-I9108ZMBMB3 4.1.2 
E120K latest official ROM 
I9001KP7 Brush Pack 
GT-I9003 State Bank official original ZCKPL 
Samsung 9152 official firmware Brush Pack
Samsung i9152 official rom firmware version 4.2.2 BNM package: CHN-I9152ZCUAMG1 
Samsung i9152 official Taiwan Version 4.2.2 firmware rom package: BRI-I9152ZSUAMG3



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